Photogrammetry vs. Lidar – Does Better Exist?

Let me say before I begin that I tried to register at the Spar Point Group website but the link is not working and gave a 404. I came across an article by Ken Smerz entitled ‘Why you care about the photogrammetry vs. lidar debate‘.

My thought is this:

—Contrary to what is said, photogrammetry has been around a lot longer than lidar. It IS mainstream and has been a long time. Anyone with two cameras can do it (but usually airborne cameras are used with good processing software)

—There are more people educated about photogrammetry than lidar. Virtually every forestry student, and most students in geoscience have taken some kind of photogrammetry course.

—Many digital city models today are based on photogrammetry. (Here is some good reading)

To say ” photogrammetry is still in early stages of development, implementation, and integration into mainstream market sectors” is simply not true. It has been around for decades. (see above)

To say, ” Lidar deliverables typically provide distinctive measurement; whereas photogrammetry is still better at telling a scalable story. ” This is incorrect and I do not understand the point. High quality images deliver excellent measurements. Not only that, they include attribute intelligence – for free.

Finally, the cost of a product has no real meaning for most products. We always hear people complain about price, but most people take products of any cost and make money from them.

I do agree with the premise that photogrammetry is valuable. ┬áThe combination of photogrammetry and lidar will be the next generation of useful products accompanied by software to support it – both open and proprietary.