3D Visual Science Magazine

3D Visual Science Magazine in the Age of Globalization

Ready not ready we now live in the midst of the era of globalization which is even more advanced. If we want to be able to survive in the present era we have to be technology literate. We must know that technological developments are increasingly rapid. Because it cannot be denied if our own daily lives are mixed with the influence of technology, especially 3D visual technology.

For example, if we want to find entertainment by watching various kinds of films in theaters, there are now many films that use 3D features. Where the audience uses a special glasses so that the movie they watch feels like real. Even a few years ago TV shows that could be watched using 3D technology and their glasses were sold in the market.

Through a magazine that discusses 3D visual technology we are not left behind. As a means to increase our knowledge as citizens who must remain technology literate. Not only in the art world are touched by 3D visual technology. Through this 3D visual technology magazine, we will be provided with information such as the medical field that also does not want to lose to want to use 3D visual technology.

It was informed that surgeons are now turning to using 3D visual technology to carry out their surgical operations. The reason is to minimize the risk of arena failure by using 3D technology and various types of medical robots, the surgeons are conducting operations to reach places in humans that cannot be reached by the hands of doctors. In addition, the results of cutting and stitching will also be much neater when using 3D visual system operations.

All information can be obtained through 3D visual technology magazines. We are not so panic because thanks to this sophistication, the problems that were difficult and practically impossible to do by ibis are done easily. Only with a copy of 3D visual technology magazine we have got a variety of very useful information.

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