3D Visual Technology for Movie and Advertising in America

3D Visual Technology for Movie and Advertising in America

If you watch a movie in a cinema, often you are amazed by the 3D visual techniques used in the animation. The development in the world of animation and film has indeed been growing rapidly along with the progress in the field of computers. The use of animation is becoming increasingly popular and we often see it around us.

In action films for example, you often watch 3D animations made. 3D visual technology used is referred to as CGI, namely Computer Generated Imagery. This CGI technique is included in the group of special effects commonly found in making films, video games, and television advertisements. While the software that is usually used is Blender, Light Wafe 3D, and Autodesk Softimage.

3D Visual Technology Used in Film and Advertising in America

America is a country that often produces films using CGI techniques. This one technique is one of the most widely used 3D visual technologies in films or advertisements. Through CGI, make figures or images using computer software.

The director can realize his imagination in the process of making films using CGI. Even the results of the image are made to be as if they really existed. This CGI application is also part of the addition of special effects in the process of making films. CGI is made in 2D and 3D. But what is usually found is of course in 3D.

2D CGI is usually applied in a flat plane. Examples such as animation movie that are made in 2D CGI for cartoon characters in geometric form. Software that can be used such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photosop, CorelDraw, CorelPaint, AutoCAD, and so forth.

While for CGI 3D, you can create objects in shape, texture, lighting, and even objects that can also move like real. Usually the software used to create CGI in 3D is usually like Blender, Cinema 4D Studio, Sketchup, Lightwave 3D, and so on.

3D Visual Technology for Movie and Advertising in America

If you look at films and advertisements produced by America, so many have already used 3D visual technology in the form of CGI. But CGI is different from animation and cartoons in general. Usually the process of making a cartoon will begin by drawing characters or movie characters manually.

But in the CGI process, the character of the character has been created using certain software on the computer. Many cartoon films have indeed implemented CGI technology because it is considered faster. Even so the manufacturing process requires quite expensive costs. Films that use 3D CGI techniques such as The Avengers. When watching this film, you try to look at every CGI detail in the film.

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