How to Learn 3D Visual Technology

How to Learn 3D Visual Technology

3D visual techniques have been around for a long time. We can find it in movies, music videos, or games. Although it sounds complicated, but anyone can learn to make attractive 3D visuals. For beginners, it’s better if you focus on learning to master the tools and basic instructions first. Don’t be too hasty in learning other techniques.

Even better if these beginners have a target in learning like a curriculum. Usually the technique used to make 3D visuals is by Blender. This software is very complex because it can be used in game engines, modeling, texturing, sculpting, up to motion tracking and video editors.

Study 3D Visual Technology for Beginners

When learning to make 3D visuals using Blender, there is only one thing that must be understood first by beginners, which must be consistent. If it’s consistent, it will be easier for beginners to learn 3D visual techniques. Try to keep repeating one type of 3D visual technique in one week.

The aim is to build instructions subconsciously about Blender. Of course the fingers will become more reflex in compiling everything when producing 3D works. Besides that you will also work more efficiently without having to look at the keyboard at any time.

How to learn 3D visual technology in the beginning, usually by drawing a candle-shaped object to papercraft. This will help you in the process of imagination. Especially also when rotating 3D objects in Blender. In addition, in 3D visual manufacturing technology, you have to make frequent observations.

Especially for objects that will be used as 3D visual forms. The topology capability will be better after observing objects around, such as glasses, cars, chairs, and so on. When learning a 3D visual technology too, you are strongly advised to take notes. By taking notes, you will not forget the techniques that have been studied before.

Finally, try to be active in a 3D visual community. Joining people who also learn 3D techniques will make it easier for you to improve your skills. You will learn new techniques about Blender 3D, or other techniques in making good 3D visuals. In addition you can also share knowledge about the software used in making 3D techniques.

The existence of the community also opens career opportunities in the field of making this 3D. Who knows, you can become a 3D animator in making games or movies. Always remember that in making 3D animations, what you need first is consistency. Learning consistently will certainly take you to a better place.

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