Interesting and innovative 3D Visual Technology

Interesting and innovative 3D Visual Technology

Have you ever read a magazine that specifically discusses 3D visual technology? Or even you don’t know or don’t know about 3D visual technology itself? Even though we now live in an era of globalization that cannot be left behind all information about technology, especially regarding 3D visuals itself.

3D technology is actually already familiar with our daily lives for example in the field of art and robots in helping our daily life activities. Even if you know we can now build a house inhabited by humans using 3D technology. It’s great isn’t it?

Through this technology magazine we can know the technology called 3D printing. Actually this 3D printing technology has been very popular throughout the world for a long time. But in Indonesia there are still many people who do not know or care because they rarely read magazines about 3D visual technology.

3D printing is very interesting because in fact this technology has been found since the 1980s and has the function and sophistication of being able to print objects that are exactly the same as the soft files. So this 3D printing is able to make original prints not only in 2D on paper. Remarkable right?

Usually these prints from 3D printing are used for models in industrial companies and prototyping. In the fields of architecture, medical, military, fashion, biotech or tissue replacement in the human body can also be helped by using this 3D printing.

Through this magazine we can find out all of that even with the details that we can know any material or history to the development that has been done by 3D visual technology. Our eyes will be more open and influence our thinking in modern times. Because now many Indonesian people are closing themselves on technology by using various kinds of reasons even though the era has been very advanced and the demands of life are also increasingly pressing in the present year.

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