3D Visual Technology in America

School that Teaches 3D Visual Technology in America

3D visual technology becomes something very interesting to learn. This is why many universities now offer animation majors, in which 3D visual techniques are studied. Of course not only the animation department, but also majors related to techniques such as architecture.

Currently, I have also studied this one technique. Studying 3D visual technology is indeed very promising. Especially if you remember that currently the animation has been used in the film. America is a destination country for many people who want to learn 3D visual techniques in animation. The following are some schools that can be used as goals in learning 3D visual technology.

Learning 3D Visual Technology Directly to America

Learning 3D visual animation techniques in America is very interesting indeed. You can immediately learn to experts. Because many American-produced films have used 3D animation techniques. Even some schools have offered scholarships for 3D visual technology education. One of them offered a scholarship in California.

The name of the school is the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). They offer scholarships for prospective students who are interested in learning 3D visual technology here. If you have an art background and are interested in learning 3D visual technology, especially in the arts. You can join here. Usually at the selection stage, prospective students will be asked to write essays.

Without having to study in a university, you can also learn 3D visual technology in America. Because many schools and agen bola terbaik also offer academic courses. This academic course is taught by instructors who indeed have the qualifications to increase participants’ knowledge or training in certain disciplines.

Course certainly varies. One of the courses that can be taken is 3D visual technology. If you are interested in a career as an illustrator, game designer, or animator, then you can enjoy learning in an animation program. This field of study combines drawing elements, computer technology, and various kinds of art. At the same time also study 3D visual technology.

One school that offers courses to study 3D in America is VanArts. Located in Vancouver, everyone seems to know that VanArts is an incubator for animated talent. Here you can learn 2D and 3D animations. You will focus more exclusively on skills for 3D visual technology. In addition, choosing to study here will also be more profitable because you will be guided by animators who have worked for Disney, Dreamworks, Industrial Light & Magic, and so on. If you are interested in learning 3D visual technology for animation, then this school can be your answer.

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