Technological Progress from 3D Visual Technology

Technological Progress from 3D Visual Technology

A magazine that discusses 3D visual technology will greatly help us know about advances in technology, especially in the 3D visual field. Because apparently in this field without us knowing it has developed very rapidly and extraordinary. Without us knowing there are already many products that are produced that are closely related to 3D visual technology.

For example, there are many imported films that use 3D technology and now have also penetrated our national films. Film screenings using 3D format are enjoyed by the public because the film feels more real. Additionally, now emerged the film era with a 4D format that is more complete than 3D visual technology.

With films using the latest 4D technology all the senses in the human body come to enjoy a film being played. Not only the eyes and ears, but other senses such as the nose that can smell all the scents that are in the film, as well as the chairs that can move in harmony with the movements in the film. Making a movie feels more real than a 3D format movie.

Then in the magazine it was also widely reported about the progress of a technology in the form of digital printing 3D. An architect, a doctor, and also employees who want to carry out a project presentation will be greatly helped by the existence of 3D printing technology. Because they can create real models in 3D format by using 3D printing. For example, a doctor who needs a human skull model can make a 3D format or actually human skull and not just 2D printing on paper.

How an architect makes a model of a house with more real and not just images makes the delivery of information to superiors or clients will be clearer and reduce misunderstandings that lead to dissatisfaction or worse a failure. There are still many advanced technologies that are 3D based and very sophisticated.

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