What Needs to Be Prepared for Learning 3D Visual Technology

What Needs to Be Prepared for Learning 3D Visual Technology

Learning 3D visual technology really sounds very interesting. It is not wrong if many people are interested in entering this one department. 3D visual technology is usually used in filmmaking or animation. For beginners in the 3D world, there are several things that need to be prepared before starting learning.

Surely you must be able to focus on learning 3D visual techniques. It’s good if you know in advance the tools and basic instructions that exist. Don’t be too hasty to learn other techniques. Because everything starts from the bottom. Even better if you have a target in learning 3D visual technology.

Things that must be prepared to study 3D visual technology

One of the things that sounds trivial but is really needed when studying 3D visual technology is language related. It’s good if you have basic English skills. Because the language that will be used in the software is English. In addition, most documentation also uses English.

Language will also make it easier for you when understanding error messages, joining global forums, learning websites, looking for 3D related references, and so on. The country that is quite advanced about 3D visual animation techniques today is America. You can see for yourself the number of films from Uncle Sam’s country that have used 3D animation techniques.

No need to be good at drawing to be able to pursue this 3D visual technology. But at least you can draw. There are two differences in the sentence, between good drawing and drawing. Usually in education majors that study 3D visual technology, there is a drawing test that must be passed.

So at least you can draw. No need to worry if you don’t feel good, because drawing techniques can be trained. As long as you are diligent in learning to draw, then this skill in drawing techniques will certainly help. The ability to draw is still needed because you will not directly create the desired 3D animation.

You also need to develop creativity. When learning 3D visual technology, creativity is needed to create something unique and interesting. Imagine if this creativity is lacking, then the work you create will certainly be mediocre. Prepare your maximum patience when learning 3D visual technology.

Because for just one episode, it will take months in progress. In this long working period, you also need to be able to focus on the details. Because it requires maximum accuracy to produce truly high quality 3D works. Don’t forget also that 3D visual works created must also be able to convey messages to the audience.

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