eiva rock seabedThere is the hard way – manually. And there is the easy way – letting EIVA NaviModel do all the work for you, finding as many as 325 rocks in 1 minute (maybe even more, depending on the computer used). The enormity of the surveys and data processing work performed in our industry often amazes us. One example is eventing – registration of items of interest in a survey. Events can be many things – pipe joints, damages to structures, anodes, corals, holes, special seabed features – and of course rocks! 

We have customers that identify as many as 150,000 events during a single survey. Every event is outlined, measured and categorised – and all by NaviModel, our post-processing software product. Rock eventing is relevant for projects during which you (for example) have to assess how many rocks need to be removed or destroyed prior to the commencement of a construction job. For other projects, rocks could pose a risk to existing infrastructure or the upcoming job, and therefore need to be mapped. Read More