3d adas soundSound can easily be taken for granted. But what if you could use it to save a pedestrian? Or feel as if you’re at a live concert in your car? Or perhaps a VR experience so real your head turns as you listen to a butterfly flutter by.ARKAMYS brings these experiences true to life. At CES 2017, ARKAMYS will be demonstrating its Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) on a Tesla Model-X and SoundStage Advanced on an NXP Platform and 360 VR Audio Suite at LVCC.“Sound is often uncharted territory when it comes to enhancing and innovating new audio experiences,” says Philippe Tour, CEO of ARKAMYS.

“After years of providing numerous audio solutions, ARKAMYS is looking beyond at thefuture of how people will interact withsoundand use it asa guide. AVAS, SoundStage Advanced and 360 VR Suite are all seamless integration solutions that enhance future automobile and VR experiences.”ARKAMYS is collaborating with MHE, leading Korean automotive supplier, to provide electric vehicles manufacturers with an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS). AVAS generates sound at low speedsto warn vulnerable road users of an electric or hybrid vehicle approaching. Read More