uGRIDD Corporation announced its release of a new feature built-in its popular  , uPANO. This feature will offer uGRIDD customers an easy to use and low cost web-based tool to extract XYZ coordinates directly from uPANO, a proprietary panoramic viewing interface for LiDAR data, panoramic photo and 3D CAD/BIM models. LiDAR data, typically captured by terrestrial, mobile and/or airborne devices, has found its position during the last 20 years in many industries, such as infrastructure engineering and management. As a member in the Big Data family, LiDAR data is worthy to bank, however, is hard to manage and view due to its size and complexity. A specialized complex and expensive software suite is usually necessary to do the job, so that only those well-trained professionals would have access to LiDAR data. Read more