PointSense 18.0  sets new standards in "ready to use". It includes the high-quality, helpful usage options and features familiar to seasoned AutoCAD and Revit users. The newly added ad with step-by-step guidance ensures that even less experienced users can quickly get to grips with their workflow.  More confidence in the accuracy of PointSense 18.  0 for Revit is the first software platform that includes accuracy levels as defined by USIBD (US Institute of Building Documentation) standards. This improved analysis tool allows users to more accurately evaluate the accuracy of the inventory model compared to the corresponding point cloud. Workflow Improvement The improvement of the scan navigation functionality is based on direct user feedback. This allows greater efficiency and ensures that users can get even faster results. With a double click, the users can switch from one scan perspective to another within a certain point cloud. "We continue to make every effort to create new added value for the market segments of architecture, engineering and construction, Read More