CloudRF is online RF planning software. There's nothing to install but you get premium features you'd expect from a legacy desktop package. Pay for a plan and you are ready to go in seconds. No more downloading terrain data, antenna patterns or preparing clutter layers - we have it all ready to go. Unlike expensive big name competitors this service is powered using open source software which aside from making it more affordable, demonstrates our confidence in our engine's accuracy which has been matured for over 20 years. The easy to use software covers most of the RF spectrum from 20MHz to 100GHz spanning VHF, UHF, SHF, EHF with generous height ceilings and distances for aircraft, large power limits for long range TV broadcasters, meshes for WISP networks, cellular propagation models for mobile networks and environmental variables to accommodate suburban, rural and mountain planners alike. The empirical and deterministic models available are applicable for most users of the RF spectrum and the multi-mode interfaces are simple enough for novices with advanced features for professional engineers. Read More