Tinkerine is focused on delivering 3D printing in an impactful way to education, and the 1:1:1 initiative allows for educators to confidently focus on incorporating 3D printing in the classroom by focusing on what matters most, utilizing the tool to educate, design and develop critical thinking skills. Tinkerine can provide a full-service program whereby educators can purchase a 3D printer, have access to the TinkerineU learning platform, and complete courses and challenges designed to engage and educate students.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Eugene Suyu states: "We are extremely pleased to launch the 1:1:1 initiative, and look forward to working with new and existing institutions focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) based learning. As we move forward, we must look both at what the technology is, but more importantly how it can be applied. The first steps to this is through the passing of knowledge of this technology to the educators. To achieve this, we have designed a proprietary portfolio of courses which acts as an on-ramp system that guides and equips educators with the necessary resources and knowledge to teach with our DittoPro 3D printers successfully. The goal of this initiative is simple, to look at how we can shift the focus from the glamor of the hardware to what really matters and the impacts for this technology in education when adopted right. The development of the skillsets necessary to allow for critical thinking, understanding of digital 3D space, and design thinking to solve complex challenges in the 21st century, is the best tool for this job. These are the premises of the 1:1:1 Initiative and we can't be more excited." Read More