"Drive Emotion" and the CATIA ICEM applications design to an iterative process in which to work together, global design teams in real time on the same virtual model using fully integrated applications and exchange ideas will be able to.  The appearance of a vehicle creates an emotional connection with the customer and is for many an important purchasing criterion. A successful design requires the use of such emotional power in the context of a broader customer experience. This only works if the respective departments of the aerodynamics work together to marketing and jointly complete this holistic experience with life. When data for surface creation or for changes between heterogeneous solutions must be transferred or converted to conventional design processes, extend the cycle times and the original design intent can lose sight of. 

In contrast, presents "Drive Emotion" a fully immersive and collaborative environment available: from initial design to the virtual validation. So the designers can concentrate on their creative activity, rather than on the technology for data creation. Surfaces can be developed in 3D, easily change and render immediately. This allows for real-time feedback. Even late changes can be accounted for by land from previous structures are automatically created and customized. This reduces costs. "We are pleased to be expanding our partnership with FCA and the use of our solutions for the creative support of global design studios," says Bernard Charlès, Vice Chairman and CEO of Dassault Systèmes. "With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform FCA will bring together its teams virtually and thus be able to design spectacular and innovative mobility experiences for a new generation of customers and market. FCA will allow for the development of a geometric and functional integration towards a top position in generative multi-physics design. " Read More