Manchester is making serious waves with its business, culture and population growth. It is the third most visited city in the UKby overnight visitors after London and Edinburgh, which demonstrates that there is a clear fondness for the town at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse. Now, having won the hearts of weekend-breakers and culture vultures who visit for the town’s museums, football clubs and nightlife, Manchester is making a new name for itself as a globally recognised digital city. 

Over recent years, tech and digital businesses have become increasingly central to our professional and personal lives. In Manchester especially, where there are currently 50,000 digital jobs – a number expected to increase by almost 50 per cent in the next five years – digital is at the forefront of economic growth. So, what is it about Manchester that’s attracting such high growth and enterprise in these sectors? And how can businesses and professionals use this to their advantage to get ahead in a growing digital industry that shows no sign of slowing down. Read More