luxcarta 3d mobileWith 5G still at least a year away from being a "standardized" reality, we expect the real opportunity for geodata business in the interim is to support LoRa, Sigfox and NB-IoT rollouts. This is a space we have been actively playing in for the past couple of years. It seems that the industry — in particular the LPWAN operators using unlicensed spectrum — have reached an inflection point. LPWAN operators are rapidly expanding their footprint before NB-IoT (i.e., the 3GPP standard) gains more traction in the market. RF planning software has evolved to include IoT modules with technology-specific parameters, but many LPWAN operators have different profiles from traditional mobile operators. They may be coming at the IoT problem from a vertical market perspective (e.g., electrical utilities) or as an IoT carrier to be used by different verticals (e.g., Sigfox, Ingenu). Without generalizing, the levels of internal GIS competency, in-house RF planning skills and understanding of expected traffic demand can vary dramatically by operator. Read More