Whether ranking universities across the world, tallying sports teams’ performance or determining the world’s most miserable economies, indexes have become the format of the day for laying out data and comparing discrete entities. Nesta’s 2016 European Digital City Index (EDCi), is a composite indicator which measures the ‘fertility’ or ‘receptiveness’ of cities across Europe for young digital firms. London, Stockholm, Paris, Amsterdam and Helsinki round out the top five spots. Meanwhile, Berlin, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin and Vienna comprising the top ten.

This ranking hints at what is a significant divide between North-West and South-East Europe. This is particularly visible when it comes to different cultural attitudes towards entrepreneurship, the availability of capital, and mentoring or managerial assistance. The starting and scaling of new ventures is of such importance to our economic well-being that it must be front and centre of policymakers’ agendas. But we must also remember that entrepreneurs are also affected by their local environment. The latter can influence decision making and affect the framework by which startups thrive or die. Our index is a guide to navigating the European startup landscape. Read More