SIRADEL planning tool, S_IoT, allows efficient implementation of Smart City solutions and Machine-to-Machine connectivity. In Smart City concepts, PROXIMUS uses S_IoT to reduce time to market and time to performance for various services such as smart lighting, smart metering, smart parking systems or waste management solutions. PROXIMUS’ national LoRa rollout, which started in August 2015, was conducted by SIRADEL with S_IoT and led within less than 4 months to the commercial launch of the network in November 2015, reaching 25 percent national coverage (urban centres, logistics areas, harbours and airports) as well as 50 percent population coverage. From early 2016, with a global agreement for the use of S_IoT in SAAS with SIRADEL 3D cities and 2D territories geographical data, PROXIMUS has been successfully using a turnkey solution for its rollout phases and the network now covers Belgium & Luxemburg with next generation geo-location gateways. Read more