Working alongside the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), the AGI has never been more enthusiastic about advancing the understanding and use of geographic information. Together, as two organisations with so many common goals, they’re now looking for someone who can help to raise their mutual profiles and broadcast their enthusiasm about the potential for geographic information, technologies and techniques to best effect.The position of Senior Public Affairs Manager is funded by both the AGI and RBS-IBG. Employment will be through the RGS-IBG, but the successful candidate will be working on objectives that are agreed with a joint advisory group. He or she will also be communicating with stakeholders at all levels, developing contacts, and proving their capability in terms of advocacy and outreach. As someone with a strong interest in geographic information, the successful candidate will have an excellent aptitude for fostering knowledge exchange between academic, business, government communities and practitioner communities – and may also have experience in policy sector or parliamentary affairs. Read More