The new concurrent use license provides dynamic use and management options for Surfer and Grapher users. System administrators can track software usage and control access to the software while standardizing the software across organizations. Concurrent use licenses maximize access to Surfer and Grapher while minimizing the cost to the organization. “The new license model gives users greater flexibility when managing Golden Software licenses. Now, organizations of any size, from a one-(wo)man shop to a global enterprise can get the most from their software and software budget,” said Golden Software CEO Blakelee Mills. “We are pleased to offer additional licensing options to best fits the needs of our users.” For users currently running single-user licenses of Surfer and Grapher, Golden Software is offering a trade-in credit for those wishing to convert to a concurrent use license. “As providers of affordable software solutions, it only makes sense to provide an affordable solution for those wanting to transition to a concurrent use license,” said Mills. Read More