Dear Readers and Subscribers,

3D Visualization World Magazine will cease publishing as of December 31, 2017. It is time to retire (or perhaps -  paddle in a another stream). I wanted to thank all of you over the many years who have read both our magazine and or supported us. We have continuously been financially viable and enjoyed the challenges and time. Daily readership has always increased and we have been particularly astonished receiving your email comments and personal response at events and conferences where we travelled. There is nothing more warming then when readers come up to us and say, "I read your stuff." 

3D Visualization World Magazine began with a strong acknowledgement that 3D and visualization are under-pinned by (X, Y and Z)  coordinates - essentially all that is 'geospatial'. This allowed us to present and write about topics and events that sometimes ventured well out of traditional geo spaces - and was our intent. We wanted to widen the field and introduce GIS and other geospatial technology into new terrain. Even today, much of the geospatial community dares not trek beyond traditional boundaries, which is sad, but another story. For us it meant a four-fold increase in daily page views and continuous server upgrading.

I particularly want to thank the folks at servers who kept us in the 'A' grade of speed analytics (within top 10%) over the years. We served an awful lot of content very fast with little downtime. 

I also want to thank the many people who agreed to interviews and to create articles as well as our advertisers and other contract participants. By comparison to larger publications we were small. But we aimed specifically to 3D and visualization audiences across a swath of territory that piqued interest, raised eyebrows and generated comments and a long list of people subscribing to our social media too. 

We will continue to run until December 31, 2017. Beyond that, if anyone is interested to purchase the site and content let us know. From a personal perspective, a little bit of travel is in order and, as I mentioned above, perhaps venturing into uncovering new opportunity is on the horizon...

Thank you!