thumb brickvisual3D virtual planning is improving the efficiency and quality experience for real estate developers. Brick Visual is a group of highly skilled professionals in the fields of technology, architecture and interior design, pioneering a new technology which allows developers and their clients to enter into real estate projects before the actual construction or reconstruction starts. Brick provides its clients with superb visualization packages for their property projects.

The range of Brick Visuals services include production of high quality still images, animations, 2D and 3D floor plans and a unique real-time walkthrough. Since most people are not visual enough to imagine how a finished real estate project will look like and there is certainly a gap in efficiently presenting these developments, Brick Visual has created brickwalk, a perfect tool to increase buyer confidence.

Brick Walk -version for PC / Mac with user changing the floor color.Brick Walk -version for PC / Mac with user changing the floor color.

With the help of the new technology, developers and brokers can visualize their properties at the very early stages of the planning process and more confidently enter the presale process. Brickwalk also gives the opportunity to easily manipulate surfaces and textures within the virtual space in ways it was never possible before. 

Clients can enter a building, look around the lobby, choose between hard wood or tile floors use the elevator to go upstairs and enter your future office just like you would in an existing building. They can even go to the window and check a fully realistic outdoor view.

Delivering Brick walk and Brick View
Outcomes can be delivered to clients through desktop computers. For devices such as Ipad’s, mobile phones, tablets etc.. Brick Visual has developed a sister product called Brick View.  view™ offers pseudo 3D viewing of the project interior and exterior alike, with interactive tools similar to those in walk™. Basically it is a full-spectrum (Apple iOS, Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Google Android, Google Chrome OS, Linux) interactive product with a mood changer, similar to the material changer, but changing the complete scene, the time of day and even the weather conditions.

In Brick walk, the developer can choose which objects it should be possible to make changes at and then implanting it in the built-in menu. The user can press the selected objects and then bring up a material or a color scheme to make possible changes.

brickvisual2Brick View - version for tablets and other devices.

Brick Visual started operations in Europe, and is successfully used by global leaders such as SKANSKA After a successful launch in six different countries, Brick Visual is now entering the Norwegian market, creating a new hype among developers.


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Brick Visual is a company responsible for one of today’s most innovative technology in the real estate market. The company is owned by 3 young Hungarian men, two of them architects, and one of them an expert in business development. The most recent member of the company is heading up the Norwegian development efforts. Although all production happens at the Hungarian headquarters of the business, the product is now taking wings in a global market. Only 6 months into their operation the company has already acquired partners in Hungary, Germany, Austria, England, US, South Africa and now they are heading up efforts to expand their operations in Norway, where they have already received some nice projects. Brick continously grows its operational capacities to cater to a highly expanding international clientele.
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