Book Review: The Economics of Infrastructure Provisioning

infra provInfrastructures—tangible, intangible, and institutional public facilities, from bridges to health care—are a vital precondition for economic and societal wellbeing. There has been an increasing awareness that we cannot rely on market forces for infrastructure investment and maintenance. In this volume, experts from Europe, North and South America, and Asia examine the complexities of financing, installing, implementing, and regulating public infrastructures. Their contributions span a range of methodological approaches, including historical and empirical research, analytical models, theoretical analysis, and sector and regional case studies; they consider the economics of infrastructure provisioning by government, through private-public partnerships, and privatization arrangements.

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Book Review: 349 Views of Scotland

squires scotland349 Views of Scotland is about the network of 'view indicators' located throughout Scotland. Each of these indicators locates a specfic site where visitors may visually cast their eyes upon something unique upon the Scottish landscape. The viewpoints are often inspirational, historical and well-known, and most of them are truly inspirational and breathtaking. Information at each site provides details that are historical and include details about the builders of the monuments. Consequently, the view indicators serve as historical records, location identifiers and a rich source of educational knowledge. 

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Book Review: GIS Technology Applications in Environmental and Earth Sciences

gis environmentGIS Technology Applications in Environmental and Earth Sciences provides a wealth of information about GIS software for use in environmental applications. The author provides a good overview of technologies being applied for understanding and mapping environmental problems. Readers will learn about data gathering, data modeling and visualizing spatial data in environmental context.

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Book Review: Sequel To Suburbia

 seq suburbiaSequel to Suburbia - Glimpses of America's Post-Suburban Future provides details about the issues emerging from existing suburban planning approaches and construction. The Beltway near Washington, Schaumburg near Chicago and the unbridled development of suburbia along Florida coasts are all detailed. Readers will learn how these areas emerged, the problems and issues they contend with and why they took certain directions. The author highlights the fragmented and often dispersed suburban planning approach that disconnects communities from proper planning governance. 

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Book Review: Rich Pictures - Encouraging Resilient Communities

richpicturesRich Pictures focuses on the value of developing visual narratives – Rich Pictures – as an important component and starting point for community participation. A key device for the community to share ideas and perspectives on current and potential future situations, Rich Pictures (RP) provide a shared space for members to set out ideas and negotiate.

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Book Review: Strategic GIS Planning And Management In Local Government

9781466556508Strategic GIS Planning and Management in Local Government provides details for implementing a geographic information system in local government. Both conceptual and technical issues are described and this book outlines a process that can be used to support a successful strategy. Each step along the path is described. Unique to this book is the explanation of governance in terms of GIS technology and an assessment of tangible and non-tangible benefits for a successful GIS strategy. 

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Book Review: City Design

image citydesign

City Design - Modernist, Traditional, Green and Systems Perspectives describes the driving principles and thinking that gave rise to city designs in the past, present and leading toward the future. City planners, architecture and local government interested parties will find this book is comprehensive in scope and includes exceptional graphics, maps and charts that support the text well. Many projects exist and their nature is explored in detail.


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Book Review: Understanding Earth Observation

earth obs soliminiUnderstanding Earth Observation - The Electromagnetic Foundation of Remote Sensing is a comphensive presentation about earth observation (EO). Both 2D and 3D data capture details are provided and the author also outlines how various remote sensor types can be applied for accurate and useful purpose. The electromagnetic spectrum is particularly described and this well documented book provides all needed details for working with satellite imagery. 

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Book Review: Walking And Mapping

walking mappingWalking and Mapping - Artists As Cartographers describes the psychogeographical and psychoeconomic relationship between people and places through artists as they map and perform cartographic functions. This book takes readers on a journey through interpreting the nature and impressions of places using unconventional approaches and unique methods for engaging locations. A fascinating glimpse into understanding geography and location in offbeat ways, yet often deplying the latest technologies and concepts, readers will find this book highly enlightening.

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Book Review: Digital Humanities

9780262018470 0Digital Humanities is an emerging field that links geospatial analysis, visualization, data mining, linguistics and other areas of study into a framework for knowledge gathering, understanding and creation. With 'design science' as one outcome, digital humanities poses unique questions about the role of digital technologies and methods are interfacing and connecting with information. This text represents the beginnings of a new field that includes much exploration and research. 

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