9783658140021Optimizing Transport Logistics Processes with Multiagent Planning and Control is based upon thesis work of the author Max Gath. It considers German transport and logistics firms in a real-world context and using real data. The book describes several new options for evolving approaches along the line of Logistics 4.0.



Optimizing Transport Logistics Processes with Multiagent Planning and Control

Directed by

Max Gath



2016 | 279 pages ISBN: 978-3-658-14003-8


Reviewed by

Jeff Thurston


Presented is a comprehensive over of presents a multiagent system for the purpose of optimization of transport logistics in highly complex and dynamic domains. " The experimental evaluation points out of the efficiency and efficiency by using the example of covertly applied benchmarks as well as two case studies in groupage traffic and in courier, express, and parcel services with same-day deliveries. Both case studies were performed with leading transport companies in Germany. The results demonstrate that the multiagent-based solution satisfies domain-specific requirements and exploits high-potential in real-world processes. "

The text embodies the thesis of Max Gath from the UNiversity of Bremen, Germany. There is much current activity in Germany and other parts of the world that is oriented toward transportation system optimzation. In fact, this book refers to Logistics 4.0 - that in reference to building upon current systems with new innovations, some of them discovered through this thesis process. 

The author looks at the traditional travelling salesman problem and vehicle routing solutions that consider the dynamic nature of routing and meeting navigation challenges. These processes are particularly interested in delivering as many packages or cargo, as possible, through inter-connected routing and transport strategies. Gath considers multi-agent systems multi-agent based activity and research through both coarse and fine grained data. 

Since network analysis is often a balance between routing and time, the optimal path must be considered in terms of time among other factors. This may seem simple, but it changes along routes through the day, and during event periods. Decision-making must adapt through these planning systems that consider logistics from alternative perspectives. 

 In "Groupage Traffic" several orders of different sizes with less than truckload size are grouped together and delivered by the same truck as a means  of reducing cost. This effectively reduces similarity in transported materials, but meets the challenge of optimal path and time delivery. A discussion in this book, based on real world transport systems, considers this kind of approach in Germany. Courier, Express, Parcel and Delivery options are further discussed. Several facts, figures and data based on Germany transport logistics firms is presented. 

In summary, Optimizing Transport Logistics Processes with Multiagent Planning and Control is a very good reference text for learning about optimizing transport logistics. Since the book evolves from thesis work, it includes robust discussion about real-world examples based on German logistics systems. This book will serve as an excellent reference for students and those involved in transporting goods and services through network systems.