3dRudder Wireless, the new foot-powered movement controller for virtual reality, elevates the virtual experience for PC and mobile games, plus compatibility with a broader range of VR headsets. 3dRudder Wireless, launching at CES 2017, joins the currently available 3dRudder Original that has a USB cable connection and introduced the world to a totally new way to move in VR for CAD software design, B2B marketing and, of course, gaming. 

Designed to be used while seated, the circular 3dRudder disc makes movement in VR as natural as driving a car or walking down the street. Pressure sensors and heel-toe movement help you effortlessly move front/back, left/right/, rotate left/rotate right, and up/down with minimal fatigue. Small, fluid moves make it easy to navigate, jump, crawl, run, shoot or otherwise survive, for example, in a post-apocalyptic virtual world. Based on the simple premise that using your feet is the most intuitive way to get around, 3dRudder lets you move the way you’re used to through worlds you’ve never seen. Read More