stantec allianceThe two companies will combine resources and provide a full suite of services in the delivery of the Local Motors Olli, a self-driving, cognitive shuttle. It will be targeted for use by transit agencies, cities, states, universities, hospitals and the private sector, making connected automated vehicles (CAV) a reality. Responding to increased international demand for shared-use transit shuttles, the firms will jointly provide all of the necessary professional services and vehicles to meet client requirements. Active in the CAV market, Stantec is currently serving as program manager for GoMentum Station in Concord, CA, a 2,000-acre secure vehicle testing facility, and acting as the lead civil engineer in the Edmonton, AB-based ACTIVE-AURORA, the first connected vehicle testbed in Canada. Stantec and Local Motors will investigate several opportunities to test Olli, with the goal of determining ideal use cases for the vehicle. Read More