Hatch masterplanHatch is proud to announce it has been chosen to develop a long-term port master plan for the Port Authority of New York New Jersey (PANYNJ), the most comprehensive plan in the port’s recent history. The strategy will span all PANYNJ port facilities, deploying Hatch’s considerable ports and urban solutions expertise to guide development of the infrastructure hub’s 3,000-plus acres of cargo-related property over the next 30-plus years. 

The volume of cargo entering the New York metropolitan area is growing in part due to post-Panamax ships with greater carrying capacity and increased rerouting between ports on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts. PANYNJ is looking to define a growth strategy that addresses major issues facing the region, such as increasing population density, heavily trafficked regional road and rail networks, and consumer trends that favor short-distance and high-frequency delivery of goods. The 30-year plan will examine the port’s six container terminals as well as its auto, bulk/break-bulk, cruise, and adjacent real estate holdings. Hatch’s experience in delivering large, multisector, infrastructure projects will be leveraged in order to provide comprehensive, future-forward solutions to meet the port’s existing challenges and drive growth. Read More