terravion 3d agTerrAvion announced today that it has partnered with FarmSolutions to provide growers with a full range of imagery and analysis on all of their crops on each acre to take immediate action on any potential issues, and ultimately improve yield. Every week, TerrAvion takes hundreds of low-altitude flights to capture bird's-eye views of farms, and then uploads the images to the cloud within hours so growers can plan scouting, management activities and interventions with unprecedented accuracy.

TerrAvion customers receive not only data but also aerial photographs, NVDI images, thermal images, custom color maps and histograms. FarmSolutions developed software, originally for drones, to provide data analysis and a task management workflow for farmers on desktop or on mobile devices so they can get a better understanding of the health and growth of their crops in real-time. Now through this partnership, customers of both TerrAvion and FarmSolutions can leverage affordable, scalable aerial imagery captured by manned aircraft with the latest in-depth analytics about what the images mean, the plants' health and causes of stress, health of the soil, stages of their crops' growth, and where to take quick action.

"The combination of our aerial imagery with the detailed analysis and workflow is a huge benefit for growers that need this type of data at their fingertips," said Robert Morris, CEO of TerrAvion. "FarmSolutions is dedicated, like we are, to giving farmers actionable insights to improve the health and yield of their crops. We are looking forward to a long partnership with them."

"TerrAvion helps give our growers the reach they need to cost efficiently visually monitor hundreds of acres of crops," said Jon Tull, CEO of Farm Solutions. "We are excited to take the cutting edge analytics that we developed with drones and take it to the scale of U.S. production agriculture with TerrAvion. Both of our companies are committed to farmers and getting the information they need to them in real-time, so they can take action to improve yield and generate more revenue." Read More