dassault japanKKAA’s designs introduce organic materials that are native to an architectural site’s region — a sophisticated blend of architecture and nature that infuses bamboo, wood, stones and other resources with lengths, angles, cross-sections, arches, patterns and other parameters. Notable international projects include New National Stadium (Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Stadium, ongoing), the V&A Museum of Design in Dundee, Scotland (ongoing), the China Academy of Art’s Folk Art Museum (Hangzhou, China) and Saint-Denis Pleyel Emblematic Train Station (Paris, France, ongoing).

Dassault Systèmes’ “Design for Fabrication” industry solution experience, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, provides KKAA with a reliable digital design and collaborative environment, for concept design through fabrication of any architecture project. This building information modeling solution (BIM) enhances KKAA’s parametric design operation and data accuracy capabilities in its design and downstream processes. It also helps KKAA handle organic materials, whose different shapes, lengths and other irregular factors make their use in architecture difficult. Read More