first sensor lidarThe strategic supply cooperation has a volume in the millions over the next three years. Velodyne LiDAR uses Avalanche photodiodes (APD) from First Sensor in its entire product range of LiDAR scanners. Together with radar and camera systems, LiDAR is of fundamental importance for autonomous driving. In this field, Velodyne LiDAR acts as a supplier to a large number of OEMs and tech companies in the autonomous revolution space and particularly appreciates the performance of First Sensor technology for this. 

"In the field of industry, First Sensor has been a valued supplier for Avalanche photodiodes for a long time. We cover a wide usage spectrum, ranging from length measurement right up to machine safety. By using these products in LiDAR scanners for autonomous driving, we are now gradually tapping into a new market with huge growth potential with this product," says Dr. Dirk Rothweiler, CEO of First Sensor AG. Read More