precisionhawk alPrecisionHawk and A&L Canada, the largest independent agronomy lab in Canada, are partnering to enhance the value of drone data by layering information, from ground sampling, that can improve a farmer’s holistic picture of in-field assets. Through the partnership, farmers will not only have the ability to view and analyze their high resolution aerial data, collected by a drone, but also order and view ground data from A&L, including soil and plant tissue analysis, directly within the PrecisionHawk software. 

“As drone data becomes a more integrated part of the farm management workflow, PrecisionHawk is partnering with industry leaders to provide additional data layers that in combination improve in-field decision-making,” said Robert Vick PhD., director of business development at PrecisionHawk. “By incorporating A&L’s breadth of soil and plant analytics into the PrecisionHawk platform, farmers will have access to new data layers that complement drone mapping analytics before, during and after the growing season.” Read More