digitalglobe vividDigitalGlobe will offer NTT DATA’s 5-meter digital elevation model (DEM), called AW3DTM Standard, to customers both directly and through its global resellers, bolstering DigitalGlobe’s position as an industry-leading source for imagery and elevation information. For NTT DATA, the arrangement broadens the company’s global sales network and strengthens its role as a DigitalGlobe Information Partner. 

AW3DTM Standard, the industry’s highest-resolution, pre-produced global DEM, is now part of DigitalGlobe’s Elevations Suite of products for wide-ranging applications, such as line-of-sight modelling, urban planning, and floodplain analysis. Applicable industries include telecommunications, civil engineering, and insurance and risk. “This agreement gives DigitalGlobe customers access to the highest quality and widest variety of readily-available global terrain models,” said James Rogers, DigitalGlobe’s Vice President of Product Marketing and Management. “Paired with our high-accuracy, high-resolution imagery, our customers now have the best data at hand with which to make critical decisions with confidence.” Read More