balfour 3d modelBalfour Beatty, the international infrastructure group, in a consortium with Prysmian Group, has been awarded a c. €219million contract by ElecLink Ltd to install a 65km electricity cable between France and Great Britain through the Channel Tunnel. This will enhance both the UK and France’s energy capacity and security, helping the two countries to meet their current and future energy needs and potentially leading to cheaper fuel costs.

The ElecLink interconnector will have a 1GW capacity, providing enough energy to power more than 1.65 million  households per year. The project could support the development of Europe’s ‘super grid’, a future potential project that would lower the cost of power by allowing the entire region to share costs of creating and distributing energy. This would also lay the framework to increase significantly the use of renewable energy and decrease reliance on imported fuels. The project will see Balfour Beatty continue its tradition of firsts in infrastructure with the world’s first installation of a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) interconnector in a live rail tunnel environment. Read More