nup 3dnuPSYS—an innovation leader in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for physical security, infrastructure, and networks—is pleased to announce its 3D-Advanced Mapping is now integrated with the Bosch Video Management System (Bosch VMS). nuSIM™ is a visual 3D-mapping solution that allows assets, cameras, sensors, alarms, partitions, and critical points to be accurately plotted onto a 3D mapping surface. This integration will enable operators to graphically view multilayer live video overlays within the Bosch VMS user interface. An option for a 3D-stereoscopic view will also give operators the ability to virtually walk through facilities, and guide ground staff more accurately, during real-time situation management. This can provide a better understanding of the physical environment for easier navigation—such as during an emergency exit situation. nuPSYS' 3D-Advanced Mapping functionality provides system operators with a unique experience for viewing video and managing devices within the Bosch Video Management System," says Brad Eck, Integration Manager. Read More