daimler 3d mapThere is no doubt: Driverless cars will be the greatest mobility revolution since Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler invented the “horseless carriage” more than 130 years ago. And the next big thing down the road to fully self-driving cars is this - literally ground-breaking - feature: map data as an additional source of information to look beyond sensors and cameras and ultimately see around corners. Cars that are driving on their own better know exactly where they are going and how to arrive there safely. Maps have huge potential to enhance safety and convenience on the road today. And they are one important “missing link” to self-driving vehicles tomorrow. For fully self-driving cars, maps technically need to be ultra-accurate and ultra-up-to-date. Imagine what happened if we had more than just a few sources for mapping the world? If every single car collected data on every mile it drove and continuously shared roadside information with others? Read More