autodesk taiwanTo seize the opportunities spurred by government policy in accelerating digitalization and intelligent applications, Autodesk signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Taiwan Architecture and Building Center (TABC) to help the AEC industry in Taiwan develop capabilities in smart buildings and intelligent manufacturing. Together, Autodesk and TABC will embark on a joint effort to promote Fusion 360 and BIM, including running training programs and supporting talent and innovation in these sectors.

Fusion 360 is widely used by the manufacturing industry, startups and makers in Taiwan and the MoU aims to bring the same widespread adoption to the architecture industry. “Autodesk Fusion 360 will change the way the architecture industry in Taiwan works. The software helps us integrate with past working processes and promote smart buildings, smart communities, and smart cities in the future,” said Chin-Fu Yang, Chairman of TABC. Read More