dass 3d desDassault Systèmes and APWORKS extend the capabilities of "co-design to Target" , an industry solution for the aerospace industry. The newly integrated virtual process to validate all engineering parameters across the entire value chain of the additive manufacturing of a component digitally and save. This makes the additive manufacturing process from design optimization is replicable and scalable to production.

Future generations of components for the aerospace industry due to additive manufacturing easier and more reliable. The additive manufacturing allows sophisticated designs that can handle high-performance materials and uses faster machines. In order to submit their application areas beyond the prototyping and product design. It is the world's leading process for industrial manufacturing processes. Virtual technologies are helping to implement the additive manufacturing in series production. The new end-to-end solution from Dassault Systèmes and APWORKS provides a central database, which defines the requirements for the upstream material selection, design and downstream manufacturing processes and tests. The integration of 3D design in conjunction with engineering and simulation optimized components for additive manufacturing, defined standardized parameters and certification standards. Read More