arup apptmentArup is pleased to announce that Raj Patel, Principal; Americas Region Board Member; Global Leader of Acoustics, Audio-Visual, and Theatre Consulting has been named an Arup Fellow. A life-long, honorary title awarded to exceptional individuals in the firm, Arup Fellows are considered role models with world-class vision and initiative. Raj Patel discusses design in this Doggerel article. "Arup Fellows inspire and encourage innovative thinking at Arup and with our clients," said Andy Howard, Chairman of the Americas Region.

"Going beyond this, Raj is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of how sound and visual design can fundamentally impact decisions and experiences in the built environment." Patel said, "It's a privilege, an honor, and quite humbling to be recognized by peers and the firm as a whole for technical excellence and for pushing the envelope, locally, regionally, and globally. Being a Fellow also entails making a commitment to continue that exploration, and to share the resulting knowledge, experience, and skills which leave the firm—and the world—a better place." Read More