rose point noaaRose Point is pleased to announce a new partnership with NOAA to improve nautical charts through crowdsourced bathymetric data. Today, the Coast Survey charts about 3,000 square nautical miles each year to provide mariners with the most up-to-date chart data. However, the Coast Survey operates with limited resources and many areas of coastal and inland waterways go unsurveyed each year. In collaboration with developers and cartographers at NOAA, Rose Point has added a new feature to Coastal Explorer that provides the Coast Survey access to anonymous bathymetric data to help improve nautical charts. Anonymous data from thousands of vessels will allow cartographers to identify inconsistencies in chart soundings and areas where changes to the seafloor create chart inaccuracies. In the latest update to Coastal Explorer, you will find a new option in Rose Point Labs that allows you to provide anonymous GPS position and soundings data to NOAA. If you elect to participate, your vessel’s bathymetric data will be sent to NOAA each time you sync Coastal Explorer. This option is entirely voluntary and no data will be sent without your prior approval. Read More