veris curtin.3d.visThe Healing Centres Project, directed by the views of the Stolen Generation survivors and their families aims to build cultural healing spaces at the site of now defunct Missions including those in this first phase of the project, the abandoned settlement Carrolup (later Marribank) and the Wandering mission near Kattaning. Veris provided industry experts to work with the students in Architecture, Construction Management and Spatial Sciences at Curtin University who performed the data collection. The students have been trained in research rigour, ethics, documentation, construction assessment and data entry. Equipment and staff were supplied to around 25 students to identify the location of scanners and cameras. Plans created by the students will be revised based on feedback from stakeholders and then entered into the Building Information Modelling (BIM) System for constructing a 3D Visualisation Model. From this, and community feedback, a set of restoration and renovation plans will be devised. Read More