kaarta pgh 3dKaarta has been selected by the City of Pittsburgh and authorities to participate in PGH Lab; a unique opportunity for startups to test their products in real world environments under the guidance of government officials. Kaarta was one of five local startups chosen from 30 applicants for the program’s 2017 group. As a participant, Kaarta will have access to municipal sites that are ideal testing environments for its technology, which dramatically improves the speed, usability and cost of 3D modeling. The company’s handheld devices, Stencil and Contour, are perfectly suited for civil projects that require accurate 3D maps of buildings, pipelines and infrastructure – transforming physical environment and location into actionable 3D data on the spot. Kaarta will be paired with a city “champion” for guidance and feedback, gaining valuable insight and data from the government sector. Additional benefits of the program include coworking space, membership to the 1776 global incubator platform, and access to the city’s network. Read More