teledyne underwaterSafety controls in France dictate that dams must undergo an extensive survey every 10 years that include inspection of the underwater structure. The inspection requirements included video inspection with an ROV combined with an accurate 3D rendering to describe the dam foot morphology (sil build-up, collapsing, scouring effects, etc.), and included secondary structures like water gates.

Inspecting such complex underwater structures has been challenging in the past, especially in poor visibility conditions making the task both difficult and time consuming. Further, traditional surface deployed underwater inspection systems were often ineffective due to the confined space, depth characteristics of the hard-to-reach structure, and the lack of "ground-level perspective" profile data. Inspection service providers were faced with a challenge - find the right underwater inspection system that could deliver detailed, accurate 3D structural data of large, complex structures in confined and hard-to-reach spaces. Teledyne BlueView supplied two different systems for this project; the BV5000-1350 and the BV5000-2250, see the full case study to find out how both were ideal solutions for this application. Read More