kongsberg spacTo strengthen KONGSBERG’s competitive edge in the defence market, the Group merges its two defence areas. The new business area, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, will further strengthen its position in a growing defence market. The merger will result in a more integrated, coordinated and strong defence unit ensuring value and growth through delivering advanced defence technology to customers and partners. The new business area will be operational from October 1st 2017. Our solid positions within defence have over time been confirmed, and we are facing considerable opportunities in the defence market, whilst at the same time experiencing increased competition. By merging our two defence areas we will ensure a more effective and coordinated utilization of our joint resources, both in sales and marketing, and within product development and production. A strong and well-coordinated sales and marketing function is key to win important programs that will be driving the group’s value creation going forward, says Geir Håøy, President and CEO of KONGSBERG. Read more