asite 3d aecM3M India was looking for a long-term technology partner who could provide a fully integrated solution to automate processes across all aspects of its enterprise. After carefully analysing and deliberating on various options, M3M India's management team decided to choose Asite for its innovative Adoddle platform which supports project-wide collaboration tools and other versatile functionalities. "We chose Asite because we believe we can move to the next level with their present technology which is scalable to future requirements," stated Mr. Navneet Jain, CIO, M3M India.

"With Adoddle's robust package, we are now able to streamline our offline processes to one central location where everything works together." His advice to companies who are looking for new software is simple: "Communication and teamwork are key components of a successful project. Asite provides us with a collaborative backbone for success on our projects. Before Asite, we used a mix of FTP, spreadsheets and internally developed software to share files, log RFIs, report on project statuses and track projects. Now, with using the Adoddle platform we're able to streamline workflows as we improve control and reduce the risks of information slipping between disconnected applications. What's more, our use of Adoddle makes us a more attractive business partner for other companies using it." Read More