Intergraph Japan announces Japan Space Imaging Corporation (JSI) the implementation of ERDAS APOLLO from Intergraph. With ERDAS APOLLO, JSI is distributing massive amounts of satellite imagery to their national customers through stabilised high-speed internet. ERDAS APOLLO was selected by JSI due its high performance. JSI will use ERDAS APOLLO to distribute satellite imagery coupled with GIS data as a base map for users. Mr. Kou Ogiso, Manager Imagery Service Department Engineering Division, JSI says, "At present we are using ERDAS APOLLO as an engine to deliver satellite images to our key customers. But in the near future, we will deploy this system to serve other customers as well. The Intergraph system reduces expenses due, providing an easy maintenance model. The scalability of the system helps respond to a small user group and is suitable for large-scale use at the same time."

ERDAS APOLLO is a comprehensive data management, analysis, and delivery system. As an interoperable OGC/ISO-based solution, it efficiently organizes massive volumes of data (imagery, vectors, terrain, LiDAR, web services, and virtually any digital object in the enterprise).To learn more about Intergraph® products visit here.