A Web-Based Visual and Analytical Geographical Information System for Oil and Gas Data

mdpi oil visualWith the development of strategic oil and gas assets, massive spatiotemporal oil and gas data have been accumulated. Application systems that assist in the storage and management of the voluminous and complex oil and gas datasets are in high demand. The voluminous and various data should be leveraged and turned into information for business decision-making and operation assistance.

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The Analysis of Task and Data Characteristic and the Collaborative Processing Method in Real-Time Visualization Pipeline of Urban 3DGIS

3dgis mdpiParallel processing in the real-time visualization of three-dimensional Geographic Information Systems (3DGIS) has tended to concentrate on algorithm levels in recent years, and most of the existing methods employ multiple threads in a Central Processing Unit (CPU) or kernel in a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to improve efficiency in the computation of the Level of Details (LODs) for three-dimensional (3D) Models and in the display of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Digital Orthphoto Maps (DOMs). The systematic analysis of the task and data characteristics of parallelism in the real-time visualization of 3DGIS continues to fall behind the development of hardware.

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What is a BIM Manager And What Do They Do?

nbs bim mgrThe role of BIM Manager cannot be identified by a uniform set of tasks. This is a role that varies across sectors and from company to company. Moreover, the role of a BIM Manager is in constant flux as working practices change to meet the ever-evolving demands of the digital construction revolution. Thought it's nigh on impossible to find a one-size-fits-all BIM Manager job description there are some things that are common. Starting with a broad view, a BIM Manager can conceivably be thought of as someone with responsibilities in regard to the planning, design, delivery and operation of as-built assets. The BIM Manager's job is, as you would expect to 'manage', but this is not a management role in the traditional sense. Read More

Reimagining Property in a Digital World

Arup 3d digitalDigital technology continues to disrupt and remake our world, and the property sector is beginning to experience the transformation. In this report we look at how digital technology and big data is changing the way leading property managers are making key decisions and improving the value of their portfolios. Digital design tools save time and money and ensure consistency with critical design standards. Intelligent building management means owners can anticipate the needs of tenants or employees before they become apparent, and provide real time information to end users.

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DeepVGI - Detection of Buildings And Roads Based On Remote Sensing Images, OpenStreetMap and MapSwipe Data.

soil erosionExtract training marks (i.e. Supervision) from OSM and integrate VGI from the humanitarian application MapSwipe, as well as some manually labeled training data to cover the whole target domain with a higher predictive accuracy. To this end, a deep learning framework called AT-CNN is proposed in which the remote sensing features detected by Deep Convolutional Neural Networks are actively transferred from a source domain to a target domain. It can fuse the knowledge of the various data sources for a more general prediction model, and is thus able to easily detect different types of buildings in urban and rural areas. 

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The Digital Plan of Work And Successful BIM Implementation

nbs bim whatEmployers are responsible for defining the deliverables required at each stage of a construction project as a digital plan of work (DPoW). This plan will cover the entire project timeline - from developing a strategy to managing the built asset. Here we explore the digital plan of work stages and show how content develops over time. The lifecycle of a digital project is defined in PAS 1192-2 which acts as a framework for collaborative working and information management on a Level 2 BIM project.

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BIM Explained – From 3D Renderings to Construction and Marketing

BIMRenderingAt HingePoint, a Dallas BIM consulting firm, some of us have been working on BIM (Building Information Modeling) or 3D design and construction models even before desktop computers existed. Do you ever wonder if people even know what BIM is? When I try to explain what I do for a living to my kids, “we make 3D modeling systems for hotel and restaurant chains, so they can see their building designs like a video game before they are ever built,” they don’t understand. If you are like my kids and aren’t so sure exactly what BIM is either, you are not alone.  I’ve finally found an example from Legacy Towers building being built in 2014 at the Shops of Legacy in Plano Texas that explains it perfectly. In fact, it was as easy as a drive around Dallas when my kids finally understood what HingePoint does for our clients. Read More

How Images And BIM Data Modernize The Construction Industry

bim wrkflowThe construction industry saw a revolution when 2D CAD systems replaced the flat blue facts at hand. The computerization of the design process, mainly increased efficiency and allowed more complex projects were considered, eventually turned to 3D CAD. The BIM process was the next revolution: the BIM software or any system, not a process that defines how a project is better designed and built. The process is efficient provided that it is carefully monitored, with deviations under attack at the time. Here is where the latest methods of data capture become essential. Read More

Digital Disruption Rocks The Mining World

geoplat 3dIn 2015 Integra Gold open-sourced the data on its Lamaque project in Val-d’Or, Que. The project has nearly 900,000 ounces of high-grade gold indicated and another 1 million ounces inferred across six deposits. As payoff for opening up its data, Integra got an artificially intelligent virtual reality model of its resources. As more data is collected and plowed into the model, the database learns from itself and creates increasingly accurate new models of the underground gold deposits. It's all part of a much-needed digital revolution in mining, Salamis said, a disruption that many other industries are already in. Read More

Transitioning King + King Architects from a 2D to 3D BIM Workflow

planetvectorworks 3dDue to intense industry competition, there is increasing pressure to design and construct quality buildings in shorter timeframes, making performance and efficiency even more essential in today’s architectural practice. An architect’s tool of choice is critical in responding to this demand. Back when I worked for King + King Architects as a project manager and BIM manager, I handled our firm’s switch to a fully integrated 3D modeling and BIM process using our tool of choice. Read More

If you want to be good at GIS, study Calculus

GIS 3d layersA certification, a seminar, or attending a conference will not make you good at GIS. You must cultivate a way of thinking, a problem-solving mind, through the study of calculus. Integral GIS applies geospatial methods as a lens into organized information. This view of quantitative data, which allows our clients to look at it from a slightly different perspective (instead of Excel, SQL Server, or Tableau), provides a starting point for a relatively sophisticated analysis. But as practitioners of GIS, it can be difficult to get past the abstract view to the value. Read More

One-Page Multimedia Interactive Map

intmapThe relevance of local knowledge in cultural heritage is by now acknowledged. It helps to determine many community-based projects by identifying the material to be digitally maintained in multimedia collections provided by communities of volunteers, rather than for-profit businesses or government entities. Considering that the search and browsing of texts, images, video, and 3D models related to places is more essential than using a simple text-based search, an interactive multimedia map was implemented in this study. The map, which is loaded on a single HyperText Markup Language (HTML) page using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), with a client-side control mechanism utilising jQuery components that are both freely available and ad-hoc developed, is updated according to user interaction. To simplify the publication of geo-referenced information, the application stores all the data in a Geographic JavaScript Object Notation (GeoJSON) file rather than in a database.  Read More

BIM: What You Need To Know About Where To Get Started

nbs bim whatDon't let fear stop you from reaping the benefits of adopting an organisational approach to Building Information Modelling (BIM). Here we explore how to get started when it comes to auditing and implementing new workflows to better support digital construction. The construction industry is being revolutionised as digital technologies and new working practices change the way spaces and places are designed and built. Over the past few years this revolution has focussed on Building Information Modelling or BIM for short. BIM is a process with intelligent, 3D models that can be used throughout the life of an asset at its heart. Digital construction isn't just a new way of seeing how things look via a fancy model, it's a way of collaborating and co-ordinating data from a range of sources to allow for better decision making much earlier than would be the case using more traditional tools and techniques. Read More

Staying On Track: Using the Rail Industry’s Funding Model

bal bea railBalfour Beatty, the international infrastructure group, has today published its ‘Staying on Track’ paper. This lays out the Group’s view that new funding models are essential to provide the UK’s rail industry with continuity of project flow, in order to support growth in innovation and skills. The upgrade of our national rail network has the potential both to enable and drive economic expansion. However, delivering this is inextricable from ending the current stop-go pattern of funding. The investments required in capability, R&D and critical strategic equipment, cannot be justified by the industry without greater certainty.

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Next-generation 3D Graphics on the Web

webkit 3dApple’s WebKit team today proposed a new Community Group at the W3C to discuss the future of 3D graphics on the Web, and to develop a standard API that exposes modern GPU features including low-level graphics and general purpose computation. W3C Community Groups allow all to freely participate, and we invite browser engineers, GPU hardware vendors, software developers and the Web community to join us. To kick off the discussion, we’re sharing an API proposal, and a prototype of that API for the WebKit Open Source project. We hope this is a useful starting point, and look forward to seeing the API evolve as discussions proceed in the Community Group. Let’s cover the details of how we got to this point, and how this new group relates to existing Web graphics APIs such as WebGL. Read More