cad bim intIf you thought BIM was going to eclipse CAD in the AEC world, think again. Even with the growing adoption of Revit, CAD is still being used on a lot of projects. So CAD folks and BIM folks need to learn to get along – capitalizing on BIM tools while making sure any AutoCAD 2D-based work is completed correctly. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Ensuring your CAD files are compatible with Revit can be challenging. So where do you start? This is the topic of a popular class at Autodesk University 2015 – Seamlessly Integrating CAD and BIM Standards for AEC Projects. Hosted by David A. Butts, a BIM Specialist with Gannett Fleming, the class (now available to view online) walks though the key differences in CAD and BIM standards and offers a useful template for smooth file sharing. Read More