3d esri arcgisIn 2015, the team at Esri started to roll out 3D capability across the ArcGIS platform. That effort laid the groundwork for an incredible 2016 in which we’re seeing 3D used in all flavors of Esri customer environments and domains. Our 3D support is continuously improving with a fantastic array of releases and updates. With our broad entry into 3D, we’re now starting to see demand increasing for some of the harder domain-specific requirements that we’ll have to tackle into the future. 

3D is being adopted rapidly by users in the Esri ecosystem. We can tell this because of the uptake of new apps, the consumption of services in ArcGIS Online, and the shift of many customers to ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 and later to take advantage of 3D capabilities that did not ship in earlier versions. We’re also seeing increasing inquiries from data vendors and developer partners about our open standard for sharing 3D content, Indexed 3D Scene layers (I3S). We first released I3S in 2015 and now customers and partners are realizing that 3D content created in I3S is usable widely across the ArcGIS platform. There are many thousands of 3D scene layers and web scenes shared in ArcGIS Online and thousands of users download ArcGIS Earth every month. 3D has become not only a core capability of the ArcGIS platform, but also a core competency within our user community. Read More