eiva navisuite harborThe NaviSuite Kuda software allows for time-efficient harbour inspections, allowing you to combine several different high-quality data types during both acquisition and post-processing. Recently, EIVA participated at a demo where NaviSuite Kuda proved its worth.  The software was paired up with a remote survey vehicle (RSV) from MarineTech and a NORBIT iWBMS integrated turnkey bathymetry system with a LiDAR module (the NORBIT integration contains OEM versions of the Applanix Wavemaster II and a Velodyne LiDAR). During the demo, which took only four hours to mobilise, the operator of the RSV remained on shore where he was able to control the RSV, follow the inspection progress and carry out quality control via real-time data visualisation. Also, had the situation required it, he would have been able to process the data right away. All of which is made possible by the NaviSuite Kuda software. Read More